In August of 2012, a dispute in my personal life received some (inaccurate) media coverage. Now that we're putting out a new album, I realize questions about the incident may arise again, and want to take a moment to address what happened here.

In April 2012, my then-girlfriend and I got into an argument in my apartment. We often argued, but our arguments were never violent. On this night, I decided to end the relationship and this led to our worst argument yet. Trying to remove myself from the situation, I locked myself in the bedroom and called my parents to ask for help, as I had never dealt with a situation like this before.

While we were arguing, she attempted to keep me from going into the other room by restraining me, but I got out of her grasp and managed to lock myself in the bedroom. I never once struck her. Eventually I heard the front door close and I left the room, thinking she had left. When I came out of the room, the police were waiting for me and I was arrested (but the charges were dropped). I have not seen my ex-girlfriend since that night.

I am very happy with my life now. I've been dating my current girlfriend Melissa for almost three years, and we have a very normal, loving relationship. I am not a violent person and I have never physically hurt anyone in my life. It has been incredibly difficult dealing with the unfounded accusations, and I feel very blessed to have people in my life who have continued to support me throughout all of this. My bandmates, my girlfriend, and my family & friends

- John Paul Pitts 3/15/15